Sir Magazine, Oxford

Trinity 2014

Sir, Oxford’s biggest regular print international relations journal, wants your view of the world. In Trinity term we are looking for submissions around the theme of Authority.

From where in society does authority derive? Is it always bad? Always good? What happens in societies with multiple, rival sources of authority? Authority has recently coloured global politics, forcing a level of introspection in the West that has not been seen since the ideological conflicts of the 20th century. Vladimir Putin’s Russia, increasingly authoritarian at home, is presenting a radical challenge to the authority of the West and the international legal system. Across the world, in domestic politics and international relations, even as its nature is shifting, authority is becoming more important than ever.

We invite you to question the obvious and offer your own opinion, exploring our theme in the formal settings of national and international politics, but also in the workings of informal or private groups. Send us a pitch by the start of term, at sir-editor@irsoc.org.

TT14 Staff list

Editors: Fergus Peace, Isaac Greenwood

Deputy Editors: Josh Dolphin, Mina Pollman

Copy-Editor: Rebecca Knott

Sponsorship and Publicity: Camille White


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